Understanding the role of uncertainty in the scientific process is critical to reporting on and interpreting research in the news. How can we educate journalists and the public to help them engage with science?

Neda Afsarmanesh is Deputy Director at Sense About Science USA, based in Brooklyn, NY. She joined the non-profit organization in November 2014, helping to launch and grow it. Though responsible for strategy and operations, her main focus is on bettering understanding of science and evidence in the public arena. Neda coordinates and runs SAS USA’s Scientifically Speaking workshops, which are geared at training early career scientists on both the importance of engaging with their communities and the skills needed for successful science communication. One of Neda’s first projects at SAS USA was the media guide for scientists, based on a survey of over 200 science journalists, which helps scientists prepare for interviews by better understanding the norms of journalism. She also works with science journalists via the STATS project, which brings statisticians into newsrooms for short courses on statistics and research methodology in science. A former scientist, Neda did her undergraduate studies at the California Institute of Technology, and her master’s degree in neuroscience at Boston University School of Medicine. Prior to joining SAS USA, Neda as senior press officer at the journal Nature.