Science communication: Working with the media

How can researchers and learned societies engage with journalists, and why is it important for research impact?


Speaker Bio:

Photo - Adam HartA biologist, broadcaster, and author, Adam Hart is based at the University of Gloucestershire, where he is Professor of Science Communication. Initially working on social insect biology as a PhD student at the University of Sheffield, his research interests have now expanded to include citizen science approaches to ecology (in collaboration with the Royal Society of Biology), wildlife management, and more general ecology and behaviour. He still studies social insects though and maintains numerous leafcutting ant colonies that he and his students use for research. Adam teaches behaviour, evolutionary ecology, and biological modelling and, together with colleagues, takes students on a two-week field course to the African bush each year. Adam is a frequent broadcaster on radio and TV, co-presenting the BBC TV documentaries Planet Ant and Hive Alive and presenting numerous radio documentaries for BBC Radio 4 on topics as diverse as tree diseases, trophy hunting, the rhino horn trade, and swarm robotics. He also presents the weekly programme Science in Action for BBC World Service. Adam is a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society, the Royal Society of Biology, and the Higher Education Academy and is also a National Teaching Fellow. His first popular science book, The Life of Poo, covering our complex relationship with bacteria, was published in 2015.